/HOLY SMOKE and a reason to celebrate At Grace Church

HOLY SMOKE and a reason to celebrate At Grace Church

HOLY SMOKE and a reason to celebrate At Grace Church




Grace Church Norton Campus Sign

I was in two churches Sunday where the celebrations of overcoming a major fire and surviving were underway. Fires burned both buildings, but there was no overcoming the spirit and tenacity of the church leaders and members. It was uplifting to be a viewer at these events. Part #1 of this report talks about Grace Church and Part#2 to follow mid week deals with The Fathers house.

Part #1 Grace Church
Grace Church which was founded in 1958 by a small group of people had their first meeting place in a house. Fast forward 54 years to today. They had as many as 6000 participating on Easter Sunday in four campuses. That is a 15,000% increase.

This well established church suffered from a devastating fire on January 11th 2011. Most of the main chapel was destroyed and other parts of the building suffered smoke damage.

Norton Campus Pastor Dan Gregory describes the tragedy as an “ inconvenience and Gods Opportunity”. Pastor Gregory speaks with a soft and pleasant voice with the conviction that only a true believer in his faith could offer. When asked what the secret of Grace Church is, Pastor Gregory replied, I don’t know but the Lord is doing something here!

I have never seen more smiles and bright eyed people than I have at this church. Every member of this Church should be proud of what they all have built… and now rebuilt.

Part #2 The Fathers House Will follow lalter this week